Thursday, May 17, 2007

LovePoison - very beautyful

To look and feel beautiful, find a dress that makes you shine. There are so many different varieties of coloring (hair/skin) and body shapes and your goal should be to find the dress that flatters YOUR coloring and YOUR best features! The best way to do that? First, do your research. Visit and get an idea of what STYLE you're going for--whether it's Goth, Bohemian, Princess, or whatever. Next, I would recommend going to a bridal store or department store with lots of choices--the more dresses you try on, the more you'll know what color works for you. Bring a friend with you for a second opinion. The right COLOR will make your eyes, skin and hair glow (rather than fade out). Try it with a few colors and you will instantly see what I mean. Do this with several dresses and soon you might start to get a handle on what colors and in particular what shades of each color are great for you and which ones don't do a thing for you.


guru said...

u r looking so beautiful