Saturday, May 12, 2007

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'We Can All Aim High in Life'

Vogue's director of communications, Patrick O'Connell, admits most of the models that appear regularly in the magazine are in their early 20s. In fact, the magazine has had only one other cover model who was in her 40s -- 45-year-old Iman, who was pictured with other younger models.

The August issue is dedicated to aging gracefully and even features women in their 90s who are still described as beautiful. When asked if older cover girls are a trend, O'Connell candidly replies, "Let's put it this way, chances are higher we wouldn't do it, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't."

But Vogue also recognizes its readership is aging. This is Vogue's fifth annual issue focusing on aging, and O'Connell says it grows more popular every year.

"The reality is," he points out, "women who read Vogue come in all ages and they want to look great, no matter how old they are."

Which brings out another reality about older women gracing the pages of Vogue. They have the money to pay for personal trainers, the best fashion, nutritionists and cooks, and of course, cosmetic surgery. All of which makes "aging gracefully" a whole lot easier.